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Through Personality to Spirit
Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition with Karen Webb
Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition with Karen Webb

The Enneagram for personal
& spiritual growth

with Karen Webb, international speaker, workshop facilitator and author

The Enneagram is an ancient, dynamic model of personality structure and spiritual giftedness.

It offers profound and life-changing insight into the unconscious and automatic patterns of thought, emotion and gut reaction underlying our day-to-day behaviour and preoccupations, our strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, we see that far from putting us in a box, the Enneagram gives the key to freedom – freedom to become our truest selves, both as individuals in the world and as spiritual beings.

This website gives an overview of the Enneagram model and the nine types, some articles, and some resources. Yet the written word cannot give a true understanding of how the types manifest in each, unique, human being. For deep and real insight into the wisdom of the Enneagram, workshops in the Narrative Tradition, where people speak for themselves and we learn from living example, are essential.

“You will surely be aware that there is precious little available for reflective people who are interested in the interface between psychology and spirituality and I was delighted to be in a situation where others were keen to explore such issues. The Enneagram is an excellent tool for helping us all to become more self-aware. I guessed beforehand that it would be growthful time and I was not disappointed."


Principles of The Enneagram: 2nd EditionPrinciples of the Enneagram Revised Edition

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